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I'm here to problem solve and help you create connections with customers! I produce with your audience specifically in mind - & when you work with me, appealing aesthetics are never just an afterthought.

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I'm also the founder of a lifestyle brand called Soda Fountain Home.

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Based in New York City

Demonstration: Brooklinen

Fashion & BEDDING

Testimonial: Hoka Shoes

Script Read: Rent the Runway

Aspirational Content: Marchesa

Beauty & self care

Testimonial: fresh Lip Repair

Demonstration: Not Your Mother's

Gifting Promo: Heritage Store

Demonstration: Heritage Store

home & beverage

Demonstration: Fortessa Homeware

ASMR Unboxing: Tory Burch

Testimonial: TV Cover Solution

Testimonial: bubly sparkling water

FRE Wines: Evergreen Edition


FRE Wines: Holiday Edition

FRE Wines: Dinner Party

DIY Baking Demonstration


Event Promotion: Puppy Yoga

Aesthetic : Lollia Wish Fragrance

Tech: Motion Calendar Scheduling

Tech: Motion Calendar Scheduling

ugc photography

fashion & travel

View the Fashion Portfolio HERE & the Travel Portfolio HERE

Most content is shot in my colorful NYC apartment. While the product/service will always be the focal point, my visually inviting home provides endless opportunity to aid in storytelling. For more images of the apartment that your content will be shot in, click HERE.


voiceover & script reads

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Most of my UGC voiceovers are recorded in a quiet space via iPhone microphone to promote a casual, relatable style of video.


As a layer up, if you have pre-existing content that you'd like to solely add professional, high quality voiceover to, I'm here to help you out!

I have experience providing voiceovers for clients and work from a professional grade recording studio from my home that is fully sound proof. I can create tracks for you using a DAW, audio interface, and condenser microphone to deliver top notch sound quality for you to use.

I would love to bring your script to life and create connections, mutual feelings, and colorful messages for your audiences!

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When strategizing and creating content for you, it is my priority to approach scenarios from the lens of your customer, identify pain points, and communicate a solution in a relatable way that evokes emotion and builds trust.

I'm looking forward to connecting and creating!


Two Glasses of Drink

Amanda Data

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